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A person's appreciation of taste and flavor evolves the basic tastes: Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty and Umami. These basic tastes contribute only partially to the sensation and flavor of food. other factors include Smell, Texture and Temperature. All together these factors result in Perfect Taste.


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8Elements Restaurant has garnered best name over the years and understands the importance of gathering together and eating well. The freshness, taste, and overall quality of our food has won the acceptance of all those who love to eat and know what flavor means. If enjoying food is on the agenda then 8Elements is the place! You will find not just one delectable dish but many equally fantastic dishes to entice your palate. Our menu and services have greatly expanded to reflect the wishes of our growing clientele and the environment around us. Explore our exciting menu that offers the variety that fine cooking will give in both traditional and business settings!

At 8Elements, we prepare our food with different Indian Spices and Herbs, meticulously cooked to create mouth lingering dishes. Each dish has its own distinctive flavor & aromas, which cannot come from any curry powder in the world. Our food is not just 'Spicy' or 'Curry'. It all depends what you wish to eat! We prepare great tasting authentic Indian food with all exquisite Kebabs, North Indian delights, best of South Indian cuisine and a large range of Indian sweets and Indian Ice cream (Kulfi).

Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local and organic products. Our menu changes every six to eight weeks, offering a mix of new and signature dishes.

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Address: 9160 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone:(866) 968-0307

Address: 314 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone:(619) 400-8812

Words from our happy customers


Veg Samosa ($1/each)
Veg cutlet ($1.25)
Medhu Vada ($1.25)
Masala Vada ($1.25)
Veg Manchurian  
Gobi Manchurian  
Idly ($1.25)

SMALL TRAY: $45-$55 MEDIUM TRAY: $70-$80 LARGE TRAY: $90-$100


Chicken tikka masala  
Chicken chettinad  
Coconut chicken curry  
Chicken kadai masala  
Chicken vindaloo  
Classic butter chicken  
Other chicken curries  

SMALL TRAY: $55-$70 MEDIUM TRAY: $85-$95 LARGE TRAY: $110-$125


Naan / Butter naan $1.25
Garlic naan $2
Paneer naan $3
Peshawari naan $3
Onion kulcha $2
Whole wheat roti $1.25
Pulkha $1
Latcha paratha $3
Poori $1.5
Batura $4
Aloo paratha $3


Chicken 65  
Chicken tikka  
Chilli chicken  
Chicken pakora  
Chicken pepper fry  
Fish pakora  
E.Special chicken  
Tandoori chicken  

SMALL TRAY: $60-$70 MEDIUM TRAY: $90-$100 LARGE TRAY: $120-$140


Paneer makhni  
Kadai paneer  
Lychee paneer  
Palak paneer  
Aloo gobi  
Veg chettinad  
Veg kurma  
Choice of dhal curries  
Andhra stuffed Brinjal  
Baingan bartha  
Malai kofta curry  
Navarathna kurma  
Channa masala  
Mushroom chettinad  
Kadai bindhi masala  
Cashew mutter paneer  

SMALL TRAY: $50-$60 MEDIUM TRAY: $75-$90 LARGE TRAY: $95-$120


NGulab jamun $1/pc
NRasmalai $1/pc
NCarrot halwa  
NKheer – Rice/ vermicelli/ sabudana  
NKulfi & other special dish: Manager will confirm the price.  

SMALL TRAY: $50-$55 MEDIUM TRAY: $75-$80 LARGE TRAY: $100-$110


Veg biriyani  
Chicken biriyani  
Lamb biriyani  
Goat biriyani  
Coconut rice  
Tamarind rice  
Bisi bela bath  
Veg pulao  

SMALL TRAY: $45-$65 MEDIUM TRAY: $80-$100 LARGE TRAY: $95-$130


Lamb tikka masala  
Lamb vindaloo  
Lamb coconut curry  
Lamb chettinad curry  
Lamb kadai masala  
Goat curry  
Goat pepper fry  
Boneless goat curry: Price will be confirmed by manager  

SMALL TRAY: $65-$75 MEDIUM TRAY: $95-$110 LARGE TRAY: $130-$145

SEAFOOD (Shrimp)

Shrimp tikka masala  
Shrimp chettinad curry  
Shrimp coconut curry  
Shrimp Vindaloo  
Shrimp curry  



Nellore fish pulusu  
Andhra fish fry  
Fish moile  

SMALL TRAY: $70-$90 MEDIUM TRAY: $100-$135 LARGE TRAY: $140-$170

What our customers saying
Words from our happy customers

im 24. i have never had indian food before. and i want to beat up my indian friend ive known for 4 years since he has been holding out on me about this place. its delicious! For those who are new. I

It's a good place for some good Indian food. We had chat papdi, sambhar vada, stuffed dum aloo, Karahi paneer and garlic naans. Good service, nice flavors, good portions and reasonably priced. Ample parking. Today 10/30/16 was Diwali so they gave 2 amartees (Indian sweet dish) and also one glow band for my daughter for Halloween. Had a good time overall.

BEST PLACE Attentive servers!!!! OMG and 0 attitude unlike other restaurants. No loud or distracted servers, serene atmosphere Complimentary Papadum!! This sold it for me tbh Bomb mint chutney Lamb curry gave me shivers 100% will go again :))

Really good Indian food that also includes South Indian dishes like Dosa! A nice surprise. Dishes were of good quality, plentiful and relatively inexpensive. The interior is modest, perhaps not the best choice for a special anniversary dinner, but comfortable. Allow extra time to arrive and leave as it is in a mall at a very busy intersection on a busy road.

One of the best Indian restaurants I've been too and it's so close to home! While you are waiting for your food, they give you this thin chip-like appetizer that you dip in the green sauce that comes with it. It's on the house and it's so good. No idea what it is, but I'm not complaining. Butter chicken: 5/5 A must order! I order it every time I come here. Elements mixed grill: 4/5 mixed meat with fish and prawns grilled on a sizzling plate. Squeeze some lime on it! Tikka masala: 5/5 Another must order. There's a kick to it. Chicken Curry: 5/5 because I love curry and it's just so delicious! Garlic naan: Always order extra! I can't get enough of this dipped in their butter chicken, tikka masala or curry! As I wrote this review, I salivated. I think I need to eat here soon.

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